Improved aerodynamics

Our new Wedge is designed to be multi-functional with your truck and it improves aerodynamics by streamlining the side of the vehicle so that air can flow freely past the wheels. This can result in fuel savings, reducing the strain on the environment and will create a very clean look for the whole truck!


The Wedge comes in two sizes, Large and XL. Both models are customizable with cut-out for the standard light, cut-out for our own light or no cut-out. The option to mount different sized lights in various configurations is only limited by your imagination, the Wedge can easily be worked on with simple tools to create the perfect look for your truck. It’s also perfect for coating or wrapping in any color you like so that you can easily match the rest of the truck.

Easy mounting

The Wedge is designed for different axle configurations so that you can fit it regardless of where you want it on the truck. Mounting is done by the 4 screws included in the box that mount through the wheelhouse and the Wedge. Each Wedge is designed to be lightweight, about 250g, to reduce mounting complexity and force involved, the procedure is minimal and the rigidity of the wheelhouse remains the same after mounting.

Wedge XL - 239 € (sold in pairs)


Both our sizes of Wedge are designed to fit most manufacturers’ wheelhouse radius, but also the radius of Parloc, Istoflex, Domar and more*.

*Even if the radius fits the wheelhouse you own, always make sure that the space between the wheelhouses are big enough to fit the product. Measurements can be found below.


Total length: 45,5cm

Widest part: 39cm

Center width: 15cm

Bottom (measured 4cm from bottom): 6cm

Depth: 5cm

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