The new BOW sunvisor brings old school feelings to a modern sunvisor!

The shape of the sunvisor bends in an arc from edge to edge and appears much larger than other sunvisors.

The sunvisor is 35 cm from top to bottom and comes in two versions, with room for 5 or 7 cuts for lights.

The BOW is made from the same fibreglass as our other sunvisors in order to reduce weight, increase strength and long term durability.

Our BOW has our 100% Fit Guarantee and can simply be mounted on all cabins, regardless if it’s L, P, G, R, S, or XT series.


We include our mirror attachment MA1 in all our sunvisors for Scania Next Generation purchases for no extra charge. This clever attachment makes it easy for you to mount a mirror onto your new TruckStyle sunvisor.
If you want to order additional mirror attachments the price is 39 € a piece.

If you want a more agressive look for your truck you can add eyelids, read more here

All prices excluding VAT

Model: 35 cm Bow with 5 cuts for lights (499 €)


Model: 35 cm Bow with 7 cuts for lights (599 €)



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